Bruxelles Liaison Office

The Liaison Office of the Suor Orsola Benincasa University in Bruxelles is situated within the Campania Region Headquarters. UNISOB Liaison Office in Bruxelles actively works as an operational link between the Suor Orsola Benincasa University and the EU Institutions, with the aim of promoting and fostering both the research activities and initiatives, in liaison with the Inter-departmental Research Centre Scienza Nuova, as well as researchers' and students' mobility together with the International Relations Office at UNISOB.

Suor Orsola Benincasa University Liaison Office plays a key role in promoting a continuous dialogue with the various international institutions and realities which operate in Bruxelles.

More specifically, the Liaison Office has the following tasks:
- to strengthen the opportunities of scientific and research partnerships and collaborations at a European Level (together with Scienza Nuova Research Centre);
- to foster the relationships with the EU Institutions and with the stakeholders operating in Bruxelles;
- to support the researchers working at UNISOB in applying for European Fundings (in cooperation with Scienza Nuova Research Centre);
- to actively participate to the information and communication activities (conferences, meetings, seminars) organized by the European Institutions dealing with the EU politics and funding programmes;
- to foster the scientific partnerships and cooperations with European Universities and research Centers;
- to support the possible opportunities of stages and traineeships in Bruxelles (together with the International Research Office at UNISOB);
- to promote the Erasmus mobility programmes dealing with the mobility of our students to international universities within the European Union together with the International Research Office at UNISOB);
- to promote activites that support and help widespreading knowledge of the excellence of the Campanian territory, together with the Campania Region Offices.


Prof. Simona Collina e-mail
Dr. Michele Affinito e-mail

Address: Avenue de Cortenbergh 60 - B 1000, Bruxelles - Belgium
Telephone: +32027379188 - +32027379190


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