The Centre for Interlinguistic and Intercultural Studies

The centre aims to:

  • Overcome disciplinary boundaries to favour a transcultural evolution of knowledge and approaches to contemporary world issues.
  • Promote and encourage interaction/exchange among different cultures at an international level through conferences, lecture series, workshops and publications.
  • Explore how new findings can successfully be applied to the transmission of knowledge.

The purpose of Intercultural studies is to gain a broader and more in-depth understanding of the 'intercultural dimensions' of national culture. Innovative methodologies based on the qualitative and quantitative analyses of significant cultural elements will be developed across several domains within a cross-disciplinary perspective.


The Latin prefix INTER has crossed into all Western languages and can easily be understood by speakers of the most diverse idioms. The prefix clearly serves to add wider scope to the term 'culture' itself.

The symbol @ is to be read as an invitation to add to our prefix the academic domain in which work is to be carried out at an INTERcultural and INTERnational level.

We will mainly work in the fields of: inter@anthropology, inter@art, inter@economics, inter@education, inter@history, inter@language, inter@linguistics, inter@literature, inter@media, inter@philosophy, inter@politicalscience, inter@psychology, inter@sociology, inter@tourism, though other innovative fields are open to exploration.

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