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Research Project Description
TAtoDPR (REC-DATA-2016-01; Project 769191)

Starting date: 10 November 2017;
Expiry date: in progress

Naples, October 31, 2019
Presentation of the TAtoDPR Project's Final Results
programme (pdf)

Naples, December 11, 2018
Presentation of the TAtoDPR Project's Intermediate Results
programme (pdf)

Naples, April 27, 2018
The TAtoDPR Italian Course Presentation
programme (pdf) - invitation (pdf) - leaflets (pdf)


- University Suor Orsola Benincasa: Lucilla Gatt (coordinator contact), Ilaria A. Caggiano (coordinator contact), Maria Cristina Gaeta, Anna Anita Mollo, Delia Boscia, Alessandra Sardu, Elvira Salemme, Margherita Vestoso, Flora Nurcato;
- RE:Lab Srl: Roberto Montanari, Chiara Ferrarini, Aura Tardia, Francesco Tesauri, Fabio Pagliai, Maria Giulia Losi;
- Universidad de Sevilla: Manuel Espejo Leardo de Tejada, Juan Pablo Murga Fernįndez, Maria de Los Angeles Fernandez Scagliusi, Sara Lorenzo Cabrera;
- Loughborough University: Andrew Morris, Martin McGuire;
- University of Derby: Alex Nunn, James Atkins Scott.


The new European Privacy Regulation (Reg. EU 2016/679) requires to introduce in certain kinds of public entities and companies professionals, called Data Protection Officiers (DPO), dealing in independent manner with privacy and cyber security issues raised by data management. In order to respond to the needs of the recent regulatory provisions, the Living Lab Utopia and the ReCEPL Research Center of the European Private Law, both established at the University of the Studies Suor Orsola Benincasa (IT, Unisob), have designed a training course for the emergence of professional figures able to effectively cover the role of data protection officers, by contributing in a concrete way to the implementation, monitoring and application of the new European data reform. The project was the winner of the REC-DATA-2016-0 European call for the JUSTICE line. In addition to the Suor Orsola Benincasa University, the winning Consortium involves three universities (Universidad de Sevilla, Loughborough University and University of Derby), as well as entrepreneurial companies with a solid experience in the field of data management and protection (RE:Lab).

Project specifications

1. Activities and training method

The project activity consists in the conception and realization of an annual course for the formation of DPO to be held in three Member States of the European Union: Italy, Spain, United Kingdom.

The training path, characterized by a varied and multilevel methodological framework, uses three different approaches to teaching:
1. Theoretical approach, which will be used to allow the acquisition of the main contents expected for each module of the course, preparing and sensitizing the participants with respect to the key topics underlying the new figure of the DPO.
2. Adaptive approach, which requires modulating the quantity and quality of contents according to the level of knowledge per subject of each student;
3. Challenge based learning approach (CBL), a new method of learning that exploits the incentive role of the challenge to broaden the level of confidence of the participants with the acquired contents, bringing them closer to the real context of application.

2. Syllabus

The training activity includes 3 courses, each for a group of 30 participants, and it will take place in three countries: Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Each course is based on the following three training modules:
1) legal module;
2) technical, organizational and impact assessment module;
3) behavioural and safety module.

In order to allow the real integration between the modules and the different learning methods, a path was also prepared to implement the technical and organizational skills learned in the courses, which includes a training period (e.g. stages) at the offices of the national DP authorities or in other public or private institutions related to data protection, as well as in companies that may need the skills produced by the extensive training activities.

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