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Title: COST Action on Wearable Robots

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), is an unique platform where European researchers can jointly develop their ideas and initiatives across all scientific disciplines through the trans-European networking of nationally funded research.

COST activities are largely arranged as COST Actions, and ReCEPL is a member of the Wearable Robots Action (WRs), participating in the Working Group 4 on the Ethical, Legal and Societal topics (ELS).

ELS aspects of Wearable Robots are wide in scope, ranging from individual's personal experience of using WRs to larger social concerns about human-enhancement or possible economic implications. The working group on ELS engages with these issues in order to help create technologies that have high rates of user-acceptability and help to improve the user's Quality of Life.

Link: https://wearablerobots.eu

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