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Research Centre in European Private Law


LeDiBank      Fondazione BeALab
Con il contributo liberale di Banca d'Italia

LediBank - Legal Design in Banking Law

Project title: LediBank. Legal Design in Banking Law
Project manager: Prof. Lucilla Gatt

Coordinators: Prof.ssa Avv. L. Gatt, Unisob; Prof. R. Montanari, Unisob; Prof. Giuseppe Storti, Unisa; Prof.ssa Avv. I. A. Caggiano, Unisob.


ReCEPL Team:
- Legal Team: Avv. Ph.D. Maria Cristina Gaeta, Unisob; Avv. Md Simona Ghionzoli, Unisob; Avv. Ph.D. Anna Anita Mollo; Avv. Ph.D c. Livia Aulino, Unisob; Dott. Ph.D. c. Emiliano Troisi, Unisob; Dott.ssa Alessandra Fabrocini, Unisob; Dott. Pasquale Abate, Unisob; Dott. Luigi Izzo, Unisob
- Graphic Team: Dott. Simona Latte, Unisob; Arch. Antonio Paolo Verde, Unisob

Relab Team:
Interaction and UX Design Team:
Dott.ssa Stefania Aguzzi, Dott. Francesco Maria Riccio

Lender: Banca di Italia

Starting date: 1 January, 2020
Expiry date: 31 December 2022

Description of the project

The LeDiBank Project: Legal Design in Banking Law aims to apply the methodologies of User Experience (UX), User Research and Interaction Design, such as behavioral science techniques, to the sectors of Private Law and Banking Law.

The aim is to re-design the editorial structure of banking contracts so that the compilation operations are facilitated and to reduce the possibility of error in the mutual interest of the contractors.
Therefore, the main objective is the complete rethinking of the form of banking contracts in a meaningful way for the user, so that they can identify, even independently, the key points of the contract and identify the presence of non-standard conditions or, even, of unfair clauses.

It also aims to facilitate the accessibility and usability of contracts.

This is a so-called Human-Centered Design, which puts the cd. "weak contractor" at the center, in order to constitute a full implementation of banking legislation on transparency and clarity of contractual texts. It also represents an opportunity to deepen research in this domain and to generate new concepts of interaction between intermediary and customer.

Research in this field offers significant results in support of the effectiveness of UX / UI design techniques in understanding of contracts, thus constituting an essential factor for the deflation of disputes between users and banking intermediaries, which normally originates in the lack of transparency of the contractual text.

For example, there is empirical evidence from which it is clear that banking service users can more easily understand those contracts and business documents that include graphical views of their content.

Therefore, the main objective of the project is to provide the methodological tools for the design of documentation and forms that are simple and effective for users, even and above all non-experts in the subject matter of the contract, through methodologies of Interaction Design, which include phases of Design Thinking, prototyping, testing and re-design, integrated with a more strictly legal approach.

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