Research Centre in European Private Law

Law, Tech and Covid-19

Edited by: avv. Livia Aulino and avv. Paola Grimaldi

The Covid-19 pandemic is putting a strain on people in their daily lives and on the global economic structure. In this panorama, institutions find themselves facing important legal problems: how are public decisions made? How are the relevant legislative measures adopted? On the basis of what scientific data? Can the health emergency be faced without adequate support of correctly collected and processed data? What are the proposals of legal scholars on this point?

This page is aimed at providing an overview of the research projects, scientific proposals and initiatives and events on which the entire team of the ReCEPL Center is constantly working, as always in an interdisciplinary perspective.

The "Covid-19 info" area of our site, regularly updated, is organized in the following sections dedicated to:
- ReCEPL initiatives and events (Focus, Workshop, Conferences, Doctoral Lectures) connected to the Coronavirus emergency;
- Research projects and scientific proposals of the ReCEPL on the various aspects of the pandemic;
- Publications by the scholars who are members of the ReCEPL on the various aspects of Covid-19;
- Reporting of interesting regional, national, European and international legislative initiatives connected to the Coronavirus emergency;
- Useful links for information and updates on the topics of the pandemic

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