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Research Centre in European Private Law

Focus Groups

Green Law

Coordinators: Prof.ssa Lucilla Gatt - Prof.ssa Ilaria Amelia Caggiano
Components: Maria Cristina Gaeta, Paola Grimaldi, Anita Mollo, Mario Triggiani, Emiliano Troisi, Claudia Benanti, Giovanni Martini, Antonio Strino, Simona Ghionzoli, Claudia Munno, Livia Aulino, Valeria Manzo, Davide Silvio d'Aloia.

ReCEPL, through a selected group of researchers, carries out studies and projects on legal issues in the field of:
a) sustainable development and environmental protection (climate change, biodiversity, energy, air protection, water protection, waste management);
b) consumer protection, nutrition and fertility (sustainable nutrition and food safety, food diversity and food systems, product quality, consumer between individual choices, environmental sustainability and protection of fertility and health in general);
c) environmental law and animal law (nature and natural resources as "Commons" for collective management systems; nature and animals as legal subject; protection of animals and protection of future generations).

These topics have already emerged at the international legislative level and are increasingly central to the political and regulatory debate within the European Union. In this light, the most significant challenges - in the sectors indicated, posed by sustainable development and the main tools used for regulation, are analysed and discussed. The interdisciplinary approach also characterizes this area of study, with contributions from the economic, social, environmental, bioethics and medicine sciences. In this domain, ReCEPL has already entered into agreements with leading university and scientific institutions for the construction of research networks and for training.

The Green Law focus intends to provide a picture of the research projects, scientific proposals, initiatives and events on which the entire team constantly works and is organised in the following sub-sections dedicated to:
- ReCEPL initiatives and events: Focus, Workshop, Conferences, Doctoral lessons;
- Research projects and scientific proposals of the ReCEPL on issues related to sustainable development;
- Pubblications by the scholars making up the research team on the different aspects related to sustainable development;
- Reporting of interesting regional, national, European and international legislative initiatives on Green Law and sustainable development, consumer protection, nutrition, fertility and health in general;
- Useful links for information and updates on the issues of Green Law and sustainable development, consumer protection, nutrition, fertility and health in general.

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