Interdepartmental Degree Course
Business administration and Green Economy

a.y. 2019/20

Degree Programme

Year I
Formative activities SDS CFU Teachers
Private law IUS/01 9 Ilaria Caggiano
Principle of Economics* SECS-P/01 9 Riccardo Martina
Jacopo Grassi
Principles of Accounting and Reporting SECS-P/07 9 Antonio Ricciardi
English Language L-LIN/12 6 Marco Gaetani
Mathematical methods* SECS-S/06 10 Ciro Tarantino
Statistics SECS-S/01 10 Giancarlo Ragozini
Maria Rosaria d'Esposito
Human Resource Management SECS-P/10 6 Domenico Salvatore
Year I Total CFU 59

* The course is supported by practical workshops.

Year II
Formative activities SDS CFU
Commercial Law IUS/04 9
Environmental Comparative Law IUS/21 6
Environmental Economics SECS-P/02 6
Economics and Business Management SECS-P/08 10
Public Economics SECS-P/03 9
Finance and Business Ethics SECS-P/09 9
Accounting and budget SECS-P/07 12
Year II Total CFU 61
Year III
Formative activities SDS CFU
Analysis and efficiency in Energy use ING-IND/11 6
Tax Law IUS/12 6
Engineering of Sustainability ING-IND/25 6
Marketing SECS-P/08 6
Principles of Ecology BIO/07 6
Technology in Green Industrial Processes SECS-P/13 6
Workshop of Accounting SECS-P/07 3
Credits at students' choice 12
Project Work and Workshops 6
Final Exam 3
Year III Total CFU 60

Note: the assessment of the activities in italics are not expressed as marks on a point scale of 30, but as pass/fail, or by scaled evaluative remarks ('excellent', 'extremely good', 'distinctive/very good', 'good', 'fair', 'sufficient').

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