Bachelor's degree program in
Business administration and Green Economy

a.y. 2019/20

Programme Description

The degree course in Business administration and green economy is designed to equip students with solid cultural and professional skills and knowledge in the disciplinary areas of business administration and law. Particular attention is granted to the specific sectors of organization, finance, production, marketing and control in every area and type of firm or company in order to allow graduates to carry out all the relevant traditional administrative and management functions in both the private and public sectors. To enable students to better understand and foresee changes in such a mutable context, special attention is given to firms operating within the framework of socio-economic and environmental sustainability.

The programme equips students with the basic knowledge needed to understand the workings of the energy and environmental markets, and to comprehend innovative economic models and management techniques based on ecological and social sustainability.

Besides the theoretical knowledge and basic methodological tools applied to the economic, legal, administrative, statistical-mathematical and ecological-environmental areas, indispensable to face and manage business dynamics, students also acquire practical competencies through workshops, case studies and project work carried out with private and public bodies operating in the field of Green economy. These firms and institutions, working in partnership with the degree course, will enable students to acquire a well-grounded enterprise culture and a thorough awareness of the needs of the labour market.

Degree Programme

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