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ERASMUS+ for studies - Incoming students
ERASMUS+ for traineeship - Incoming students

If you are interested in carrying out your Erasmus Traineeship at this University, take part in your University call and contact us at +39 0812522552 or write to us at this address.

ERASMUS+ for teaching and training (STA e STT)
International Student Enrollment

General informations

Citizens of the European Union and non-European Union citizens who intend to obtain an academic qualification or request the recognition of academic studies completed abroad at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University, can contact the Internationalization Office for information - and - mail.

Current regulation

As regards the legislation in force on the subject, it is possible to consult the website of the Ministry of University and Research with the provisions in force. International students, like local students, are required to take part in the evaluation access tests or in the selective tests for limited attendance courses, according to the schedule established in the individual calls for applications.


Please note that all study documents issued by foreign authorities must be accompanied by an official translation into Italian: the translation must be carried out by the interested parties, who can contact, if in Italy, the local Court, or official translators. In the case of translations made by local translators, they must in any case be validated by the Italian Representation competent for the territory. Study documents that do not require certified translations may be without translation for the languages: English, French, Spanish, and German.

The various obligations concern:
- Citizens of the European Union
- Non-EU citizens residing abroad
- Non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy
- Registration for single courses (Free Movers)

For further information on how to register, consult the website of the Student Secretariat.

For the rules relating to the recognition of qualifications obtained abroad, consult the website:

Free movers / visiting students

Free Movers - or "visiting students" - are students who are neither enrolled in a degree programme, nor participating in an exchange programme organised by the university (such as Erasmus), but who choose to organise their own study abroad.

In order to attend courses at another university and have credits officially recognised as part of your university transcript, you must obtain authorisation by the faculty at your home university and admission from the host university.

For further information on how to register for Single Courses, visit the website:

For further information and opportunities consult the following pages:

Regolamento per la mobilitÓ studenti Free Mover (pdf)

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