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Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)

The ECHE is an "international quality certification" which is awarded and renewed every seven years by the European Commission to the Institutes participating in the Erasmus program after careful evaluation of a long series of parameters and founding principles.

To obtain or renew it, the Institute must prepare a very complex document that describes in detail its EPS - Erasmus Policy Statement, i.e. the University's Internationalization and Modernization strategy. On the one hand, this must be inspired by the constitutive criteria of the Erasmus program, defined by the European Commission, and on the other hand, it must include and implement tangible actions that make it possible to concretely achieve the objectives established by the program.

Among the operational principles of the Erasmus program we remember the transparency of the procedures, the full recognition of the activities carried out abroad, the clarity, completeness and updating of the online training offer, the correct use of all community tools (learning agreement, IT tools , grade conversion tables, etc.) the promotion of the program and its key documents among students and teachers (including the recent European Student Card, Erasmus + Mobile App).

In addition to respecting the operational guidelines of the European Commission, with the new 2021-2027 programming the institutes holding ECHE undertake to implement practices of environmental sustainability, promotion of civic sense and active citizenship among students, protection of equal opportunities as well as guaranteeing the quality of services through adequate structures, professionalism and communication models.

ECHE 2021-2027 (pdf)

ECHE 2014-2020 (pdf)

ECHE 2007-2013 (pdf)

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