Single-cycle master's degree program in
Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage

a.y. 2019/20

Degree Programme

Programme Description

The formative path is divided into two main sections: the first one, common to the three job-oriented curricula, is centered on the general theory; the second one includes specialized laboratory activities in each curriculum:
1. Canvas and Wood Curriculum
2. Frescos and Lapideo Curriculum
3. Metals and Pottery Curriculum

Year I
SDS Teaching CFU
BIO/01 Biology 9
CHIM/03 General and Inorganic Chemistry 12
FIS/07 Physics Applied to Cultural Heritage 12
ING-IND/28 Workplace Safety 6
ICAR/18 History of Architecture and City 6
Workshop Activities 18
Year I Total CFU 63
Year II
SDS Teaching CFU
M-STO/01 Archivistics, Bibliography and Library Sciences 6
CHIM/12 Chemistry of the Environment 9
ICAR/17 Design 9
L-FIL-LET/10 Italian Literature 6
ICAR/18 History of Archaeology 6
ICAR/18 History of Architecture I (Ancient and Medieval) 6
Workshop Activities 18
Year II Total CFU 60
Year III
SDS Teaching CFU
CHIM/12 Chemistry of Cultural Heritage 9
GEO/09 Petrography for Cultural Heritage 6
ICAR/19 History of Restoration 6
L-ART/02 History of Modern Art I and II 12
L-ART/02 History of Artistic Techniques 6
Workshop Activities 18
Year III Total CFU 57
Year IV
SDS Teaching CFU
L-ANT/07 Classical Archaeology 6
IUS/14 European Legislation of Cultural Heritage 6
L-ART/04 Methodology and Critical History of Art 9
ING-IND/22 Science and Technology of Archaeological Materials 6
ICAR/18 History of Architecture II (Modern) 6
L-ANT/07 History and Restoration of Ancient Techniques 6
Workshop Activities 18
Year IV Total CFU 57
Year V
SDS Teaching CFU
SECS-P/07 Economics of Cultural Heritage 9
L-LIN/12 English for Cultural Heritage 6
Credits at students' choice 12
Workshop Activities 9
Summary workshop for the thesis (design/diagnostics) 9
Final Exam 18
Year V Total CFU 63

Total Laboratory hours
Laboratory CFU: 90 + 18 for the Final Test
Theoretical Subjects CFU: 192

The Final Test is not included in the regular number of the exams.
As for the teachings "at students' choice" a list of teachings recommended by The University will be compiled. The students' choice has to be in line with the frame work curriculum, in order to deepen the research sources for the preparation of the final thesis. At this proposal, it would be necessary to reach 12 CFU.

The University didactic Regulations provide for the assignment of 18 CFU for the Thesis of the Diploma. The achievement of the 18 CFU is related to the practical activity the students will have to undertake on a piece of Cultural Heritage, for the preparation of the first test provided for by the Degree Exam.

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