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Single-cycle master's degree program in
Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage

a.y. 2023/24

Programme Description

The Course is the natural continuation of the Suor Orsola University long experience in the field of the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. In addition to the Degree Course in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, one of the first Courses activated in Italy, since 2001, the University has started a three-year Degree Course in Diagnostics and Restoration (class 41) and, afterwards, a two-year Master Degree (Specialisation - class 12 S) to complete the restorers' training. Anyway, the Degree in Restoration didn't allow direct access to the qualification of restorer of cultural heritage, because of the complex existing legislation, recognised "de iure" by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

The Ministry, on the other hand, traditionally trained restorers but not at the university level.

In May 2009 were issued two ministerial decrees regulating the legislation on the subject; particularly, one of them allows, within strict rules, the training of complex professional figures, the restorers of Cultural Heritage, issuing them with a title, equivalent to a Master Degree, directly expendable on the labour market.

The restorers' training in the Italian Mezzogiorno comes from the will to look for professional figures able to intervene in the local cultural heritage.

The Master in Restoration of Cultural Heritage class LMR/02 foresees 20 new enrollments in the academic year 2023/2024. The activities are carried out in the historical site of the Suor Orsola Benincasa University in Naples (via Suor Orsola 10) and in the Faculty of Literature (via S. Caterina da Siena 37).

The admission is regulated by the announcement, published on the website and foresees students pass some tests. Before the deadline date for the submission of applications for admission, some guidance days are available to study for the entry tests.

Degree Programme

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