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Guerra in Siria

Violenza sui bambini
L'allarme di padre Ibrahim

Il 2016 è stato l'anno peggiore per i bambini siriani. «La guerra ne ha uccisi 652, di cui 255 all'interno o nei pressi di scuole». Una situazione gravissima [...]

Emanuele La Veglia


From a spite
to a diplomatic crisis

It could have been just a simple spite. But the escalation of rude acts between the Netherlands and Turkey has shifted into an international diplomatic dispute that can be very dangerous for the two [...]

Alessandro Cappelli


Erdogan's strategy
to win the referendum

Will Turkish exparts who live in Europe be decisive for Edogan to win the referendum? They are still voting to approve or not the new Turkish Constitutional Reform on Presidential Republic. The result will come only on the 16th April, but Turkey and European Union have to reflect on this. They brushed with a diplomatic incident because Germany and the Netherlands deny the [...]

Paola Corona


Europe vs Turkey:
a war of civilty?

In the last days the Turkish President Receep Tayyip Erdogan criticized Europe. For him, Europe is racist, fascist and cruel like during the World War II. The President threatened to renegotiate the relationship with Brussels after the vote of the 16th April. On Easter Sunday, in fact, Turkey will vote on the Referendum for the Presidential System. If Turkish citizens approve [...]

Fausto Egidio Piu

Dutch election

The Sultan's Crusade that
beats the populist "Villain"

It seems that Europe can breathe a sigh of relief after Dutch election results. Mark Rutte, the outgoing Prime Minister since 2010, beat Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom, who gained the nickname of "Dutch Trump" for his idea against Muslims, immigrants and the European Union. And also for his bleached, fluffy hairstyle. To provide an assist to the leader of [...]

Emilia Missione


Dutch Election:
the end of Populism?

Populism in Europe failed its first test on Dutch election of 2017. The effect of Brexit and Donald Trump victory's could be ended. Rutte's Party for Freedom and Democracy won 33 seats in the National Parliament out of a total of 150. Geert Wilders's promise to bring a populist "revolution" to Europe failed after his anti-immigrant Party for Freedom won only 20 seats, one [...]

Antonio Buonansegna

David di Donatello

L'errore del conteggio
E' la 62esima edizione

Sarà ricordata anche per un equivoco la kermesse in cui questa sera a Roma si assegneranno i David di Donatello, il più importante riconoscimento del cinema italiano. Le grandi testate hanno [...]

Emanuele La Veglia


Netherland vs Turkey
A new cold war?

A story without precede. The Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte bans outside his country two Turkey politicians. Two weeks ago, on 11th March, the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu flied to Rottedam to have a speech with Turkish immigrants about the referendum scheduled on 16th April. The day after, the Turkish Minister of Family and Social Policies, Fatma Betul [...]

Emanuele La Veglia

Turkey - Europe:

A compromised

There is no kind of reconciliation on the horizon. Any signal that could reduce tensions and diplomatic clashes. The relationships between Turkey and European Union are compromised as ever, as [...]

Antonio Lamorte



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Tg 27 marzo 2017

Antonio Esposito - Antonio Buonansegna



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Gr 27 Marzo 2017

Filomena Avino - Paola Corona

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n.5 2017


Chi l'ha visto

Federica Sciarelli svela
un'anima battagliera

Una giornalista battagliera, ma anche una mamma affettuosa. Federica Sciarelli si racconta in un'intervista esclusiva a Sabrina Sacripanti del settimanale Intimità, in edicola questa [...]

Fausto Egidio Piu


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