Erminia Capocelli

The Library of the University Suor Orsola Benincasa was established in 1895 and called Erminia Capocelli Library, by resolution of the Board of Directors, in 27 June 1974.

The Library is humanistic and the libraria equipment reflects the didactic and research contents of the different Faculties of the University and it is increasing more and more; every year the patrimony becomes richer and richer in new accessions, accurately selected according strict scientific criteria that not only meet the cultural needs of the students and professors attending the library, but they also offer a valuable support to the cultural activities promoted by the University.

The patrimony of the Library is currently made up of about 170.000 documentary units: volumes and pamphlets, year's issues of various periodicals (about 1630 which constitute a separate sector and which can be consulted in the Periodical Room), electronic documents. This patrimony also includes many Funds, mostly the result of donations from scholars who have had relations with the Institute before and with the University today.

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