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Summer Training School

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of land and sea
The practice of archaeological excavation and documentation technologies

III edition - Academic Year 2017/2018

Location: Procida (Na)

Competition notice

The Dean
GIVEN the D.M. 509/99
GIVEN the D.M. 270/2004
GIVEN the Statute of the Lifelong Learning Centre


That the Summer Training School "Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of Land and Sea" is established. The practice of the archaeological excavation and the documentation technologies "A.Y. 2017/2018, with seat in Procida (NA).

Art. 1 - Objectives of the School

The school aims to start up young archaeologists, or operators in similar fields, to the practice and documentation techniques of a "fragile" archaeological excavation through participation in research activities that have been taking place for years on today's island of Vivara.

The islands of Procida-Vivara are, in fact, the site of one of the most ancient centres in the maritime trade that connected Mycenaean Greece with the western Mediterranean regions. The traces of the settlement of the Bronze Age (XVII-XV century BC) on the island of Vivara and those of the ancient port-landing, now submerged at a depth of about 14 meters below sea level, have been the object of the archaeological research for several decades. The excavation site of Vivara is configured as a typical protohistoric excavation of the "fragile" type, closely linked to the complex geological events that have characterized the entire area, in which particular advanced study and documentation technologies have been tested for years.

Art. 2 - The institutions involved and the configuration of the initiative

The University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa, in agreement with the Municipality of Procida and with the participation of other universities and national and European institutions dedicated to the protection and research in the field of Cultural Heritage, have decided to support the annual activities of study on the island of Vivara, an educational initiative that allows Italian and European learners to be trained and experience the procedures of an archaeological excavation connected with a wide range of techniques related to documentation, diagnostic analysis and the representation strategies and sustainable use of a Mediterranean archaeological/historical area.

These range from the most advanced applications in the field of 3D terrestrial and underwater survey to the possibility of non-invasive diagnostic analysis of finds, up to the conjugation of traditional practices of restoration and graphic documentation of materials with new forms of data recording and monitoring.

Special attention for the year 2018 will be reserved to:
a. the techniques of stratigraphic excavation and in situ recovery (through a first consolidation intervention) of the archaeological find;
b. the sampling procedures in the field for the development of the following bio-archaeological investigation procedures through the practice of flotation;
c. Documentation techniques through video and digital camera (orthophotogrammetric and "computer vision" surveys);
d. georeferencing procedures through GPS and total station;
e. the procedures for inventory, cataloging and restoration of the finds;
f. the principles of chemical-physical analysis on specific categories of findings (gas chromatography analysis, X-Ray fluorescence, petrographic analysis);
g. the three-dimensional survey procedures both on excavation and in the laboratory.

The following institutions adhere to the initiative:

Department of Earth Sciences, Environment and Resources (DiSTAR), University of Naples Federico II, for geological and petrographic surveys
Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Salento (in collaboration with the Department of Physics of University of Naples, Federico II), in the field of archaeo-metallurgical studies
Superintendency of the Sea of the Sicilian Region, for the study of submerged archaeological sites
Naval League of Procida, for the support of all in water actions

The initiative is also supported by:
- Albano Francescano Foundation of Procida,
- State Natural Reserve of the Island of Vivara
- Civil Protection of Procida for all assistance related to the access to the island of Vivara.

Art. 3 - The seat

Participants will be able to carry out laboratory activities at the TERRA Laboratory Centre set up in Procida in the premises of the Palazzo della Cultura (Terra Murata).

Art. 4 - Recipients

The training course is dedicated to a large audience of operators/students of the cultural heritage sector, particularly interested in learning and practicing the archaeological excavation of a prehistoric site and its relationship with new forms of technologically advanced documentation.

They therefore can take part in it:
- Students of Bachelor and Master's degree courses connected with the research sectors indicated above
- Learners of specialization schools in archaeology and/or related sciences related to the Cultural Heritage sector, post-graduate interns
- Operators in the sector already active in public and private structures.

Art. 5 - Period and methods of teaching implementation/directions

The course will take place from August 6th to 27th 2018.

Arrival on the afternoon of August 6th (between 1pm and 3pm) and departure on the morning of August 27th (see Annex 1 for all practical information)

Work plan
The activity will take place daily, from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 4 pm (with a break of about an hour for lunch). On Sundays, for those interested, only laboratory activities are scheduled in the morning from 9 am to 1 pm.

During certain days, evening conferences on Mediterranean archaeology topics will be organized (submarine archaeology, new technologies in water and on land, aspects of Mediterranean navigation and trade in the II millennium BC, with the support of the Naval League of Procida, the Department of Cultural Heritage activities of the Sicilian Region, the universities that collaborate in the Mission).

The learners will alternate activities on the archaeological site and laboratory activities according to groups that will be defined daily according to the interests of the learners and the planned research operations.

Art. 6 - Conditions and modalities of participation

For participation, there are no registration fees.

The students will be hosted free of charge within a school structure made available by the Municipality of Procida, located in the centre of Procida, in rooms of 5 beds each (which include camp bed, mattress and pillow), bathroom and showers are in common. For cleaning costs only and arrangement of the premises, there is a contribution of 5 euros per day, to be paid in a single solution upon arrival on the island.

Participants will be provided with preliminary teaching materials in electronic format on the history of Vivara's excavations both on land and at sea and other documentation and study materials relevant to technologies in the field of diagnostics of Cultural Heritage.

For all information of a practical/ nature connected with arrival, departure, lodging and possibility of food, see Attachment 1

The number of seats available to participants over the entire period of the course is 15, plus 5 seats reserved only for students coming from foreign institutions.

In the event that the Educational Coordination should deem it appropriate, additional candidates will be selected, if particularly deserving, in addition to the 20 expected.

In order to participate in the selection of the 20 places available concerning the period in which the training program is articulated, all the parts of the form must be completed and the following documentation/declarations must be included:
- declaration of the institution of origin and the class to which one belongs (see note 1),
- declaration that you intend to take advantage of the reception facility made available free of charge by the school and of the possible boarding facility (breakfast and dinner); this declaration is important and must be absolutely indicated for the calculation of the necessary number of beds and for the planning of meals; for more information please refer to Annex 1;
- a detailed curriculum certifying possible excavation experiences or other courses and any printed works (with indication of obtained grade). For students still in progress (Bachelor or Master) the curriculum must contain any exams already completed and the relative grades;
- Self-certification attesting the insurance coverage of the institution to which one belongs or the stipulation of an insurance policy providing for laboratory activities* and the activities on the archaeological site throughout the course period (excluding UNISOB students which are already insured at the time of signing up); upon arrival on the island the original attestations will be presented.
- A medical certification attesting to the suitability to participate in laboratory activities * and in archaeological excavation (UNISOB students who have already undergone a qualifying examination within the University are excluded); upon arrival on the island the original attestations will be presented.

*No contact with polluting substances or dangerous equipment are to be made during laboratory activities.

ATTENTION: foreign students, must enter sixteen 0s for the entry "Codice Fiscale" of the form.

It should be noted that the procedure for online submission of the application for admission will be considered correctly concluded only when the system will provide the pdf copy of the application submitted complete with the number of the IT protocol.

The request, addressed to the Rector of the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa, must be received no later than June 29th, 2018.

Art. 7 - Selection of candidates

Given the limited number of places available, the organizers will select the applications presented by drawing up a ranking relative to the different classes of participants:
- students still in progress
- students enrolled in graduate schools and post-graduate interns
- operators in the cultural heritage sector
- students belonging to foreign institutions

The selections will be communicated via email within 3 days of the deadline for submitting the application.

After receiving the e-mail, the candidates must give (via e-mail) final confirmation no later than 48 hours from receipt of the same, of their participation and the option to take advantage of the reception facilities and board opportunities as indicated in Annex 1. After this deadline, the candidate who has not given a reply will be considered as renunciative and will lose the right to enroll in the course.

Art. 8 - Final attestation

Those who will have successfully followed all the training activities will receive the certificate of the Summer School of "Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of land and sea. The practice of the archaeological excavation"A.A. 2017/2018, with indication of laboratory and on-site activities.

Art. 9 - Access to documents and the Supervisor for the procedure

Candidates are guaranteed the right to access the documentation concerning the competition proceedings, according to current legislation. This right may be exercised according to the methods established by the University Regulations.
Pursuant to the law of August 7th 1990, n. 241 and subsequent amendments and additions, the Supervisor for the procedure referred to in this announcement is:
Dr. Vincenzo Sica
E-mail: dr. Vincenzo Sica - Segreteria Studenti
PEC: Segreteria Studenti
Tel. fax

The provisions of this announcement are designed to guarantee the transparency of all stages of the procedure, the criteria and procedures for the appointment of the selection board and those responsible for the proceeding are in implementation of the Law of August 7th 1990, n. 241 and subsequent amendments and additions.

Art. 10 - Processing of personal data

Pursuant to Article 13 of the Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 30th 2003, the repository for personal data provided by the participants in the selection for access to the course referred to in Article 1, is the University, which is based in Via Suor Orsola 10 - 80135 Naples.

The processing of the aforementioned data will take place exclusively for the purposes referred to in this announcement.

The provision of personal data is mandatory for the evaluation of the requirements for participation in the selection, under penalty of exclusion from the selection procedures.

Personal data provided by candidates may be communicated by the University to the Ministry for their own institutional purposes.

Candidates are granted the rights referred to in Article 7 of the aforementioned Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 30th 2003, in particular the right of access to data concerning them and the right to obtain updating or deletion if erroneous, incomplete or collected in terms not complying with the law, as well as the right, for legitimate reasons, of opposing their processing. These rights can be asserted against the University which has its registered office in Via Suor Orsola 10 - 80135 Naples, the data supervisor.

Art. 11 - Advertising of the selection results

The present selection procedure and all the documents related to it will be announced exclusively through publication on the University website at and in the Official Notice Board of the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa. The publication on the Official Register of the University has the value of official notification in all respects and no personal communications will be sent to the interested parties.

Art. 12 - Cross reference

For anything not expressly provided for in this announcement, reference is made to the legislation in force.

For information

Administrative (taxes, registrations, procedures, etc...):
University Lifelong Learning Centre:
tel. 081.2522327/081.2522473 (Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.00; Tuesdays also from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm)
For specific information related to teaching, please use this e-mail address, for issues related to logistics, please refer to this e-mail address

Note 1

Class of belonging:
1. University Student (indicate Degree Course, registration, year of course)
2. Postgraduate School or Postgraduate Stage (indicate the type of school, the year, the type of internship and at which institution)
3. Operator in the Cultural Heritage sector (indicate qualification and function)
4. Student / foreign operator (indicate Faculty / Structure of belonging)

Naples, 08/05/2018

The Rector
Prof. Lucio d'Alessandro

Emanato con D.R. n. 298 dell'8/05/2018

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