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First Level Master in Architecture

Building Beauty. Ecologic Design and Building Process

1st edition - Academic Session 2017/2018

The Rector
Considered the D.M. 509/99
Considered the il D.M. 270/2004
Considered the Centro di Lifelong Charter


The First Level University Master in Building Beauty, Ecologic Design and Building Process is established.

Scientific Director: Prof. Lucio d'Alessandro
Honorary Director: Maggie Moore Alexander
Scientific Coordinators:
Prof. Sergio Porta, Dr. Antonio Caperna
Scientific Board: Chris Andrews, Greg Bryant, Daria Catello, Maria Teresa Como, Enricomaria Corbi, Narendra Dengle, Stefania Ferraro, Munishwar Ganju, David Getzin, Susan Ingham, Dan Klyn, Pierluigi Leone de Castris, Michael Mehaffy, Roberto Montanari, Antonello Petrillo, Ciro Pizzo, Yodan Rofé, Pasquale Rossi, Fabrizio Manuel Sirignano, Seth Wachtel.

Art. 1 - Qualifications for Admission

The qualifications required for being admitted to the shortlisting for the registration to the Master are:
- University Master awarded according to the ex DM 270/2004 in one of the following categories: LM-3 Landscape Architecture; LM-4 Architecture and Civil Engineering - Architecture; LM-26 Security Engineering; LM-35 Environmental and Regional Engineering; LM-23 Civil Engineering; LM-24 Building Systems Engineering; LM-48 Regional, Urban, and Environmental Planning; LM-75 Environmental and Regional Sciences and Technologies; LM-76 Economic Sciences for the Culture and the Environment;
- Or University Bachelor awarded according to the ex DM 509/1999 combined with DI 9 July 2009. Should such Dl state a correspondence between University Master and more than one University Bachelor , or vice versa, the assessment of the title in terms of its contribution to the qualification is delegated to the Ordering Board or to a purposefully nominated Committee.
- Master awarded according to the framework precedent to the DM 509/1999 in: Architecture; Cultural Heritage Conservation; Civil Engineering; Building Engineering; Building Engineering - Architecture; Urban and Regional Planning; Town Planning;
- Or another type of Master awarded according to the framework precedent to the DM 509/1999 in a closely related area, deemed adequate by the Scientific Board or a purposefully nominated committee.
- Qualification awarded abroad that is deemed equivalent by the Scientific Board or a purposefully nominated committee in terms of duration and subject to the Italian qualification required for the admission.

Applicants from other areas can be equally admitted - subject to approval of the Scientific Committee - who exhibit educational and professional profile adequate to the Master's objectives.

Furthermore, applicants holding only a secondary school degree can equally be admitted to the Master if they show a profile of studies relevant to the Master's objectives. In this case, The Master will award the title of "Corso di Perfezionamento e Aggiornamento Professionale" according to Art. 6 of Act n. 341, 19/11/1990.

Applicants not yet in possession of the University Bachelor title can be registered provisionally, where the condition is that they achieve the title by 30 September 2017. Upon the delivery of the registration form at the Student's Business Desk, the applicant should highlight to the officer her/his position of conditional registration, and pay the first installment and the "right to study" tax within seven days from the date of awarding of the title.

Further qualification: a level of English Language of B2 CEFR or superior is required.

Applicants who are EU citizens or equated, and/or extra-EU resident abroad, must attach the original or the authenticated copy of their titles approved by the relevant Italian diplomatic or consular authority (translated, authenticated, notarized and accompanied with a certification of value), failing which admission will be denied. Extra-EU applicants resident abroad, in addition to the aforementioned, shall also enclose copy of the receipt of their application for stay in Italy, released by the Poste Italiane, along with copy of the passport showing the non-tourist entry visa or copy of the valid stay permit.

Art. 2 - Master's objectives and pedagogic model

The program explores the practical process of generation of beauty as a feature that innovates within the professional practices in the design area mainly by overcoming the separation between design, direct construction and emotional consciousness.

The program focuses on the quality that makes the spaces of our daily life vital and adaptive and on the forms and modalities in which this quality emerges in the processes of production of buildings as well as the spaces of individual and collective life. The program is offered to architectural and urban designers as well as to those coming from human sciences, who hold an interest in the social and cultural aspects of urban development as observed from the point of view of complex adaptive systems and evolutionary sciences.

All students will be offered a sequence of opportunities for making and decorating within the historical Suor Orsola Benincasa monastery, the University's home. The concrete and direct experience of making is offered at different scales, from the small art object to the scale of a building. Constantly immersed in a multidisciplinary environment, students will explore the identity of the individual and collective self, the acknowledgement of feelings and the practical form of a newly human process of the generation of beauty, i.e. the quality of things that makes a difference for people's lives.

Pedagogic model and assessment
The Master's pedagogy, inspired by a "constructivist" model, is based on the continuous interaction between conventional "transmissive" learning and direct in-the-field experience, where the latter constitutes the permanent learning environment (project/problem-based learning, learning-by-doing). The learning experience is simultaneously directed into different cognitive channels and, in each of them, along the dual path of the student/teacher and teacher/student relationship. The objective is that of making value of the different types of individual intelligence for the shaping of the collective knowledge.

The whole program, by its own nature, develops in the form of a real design/change intervention. Together with the direct construction of objects and architecture, students will also attend cycles of multidisciplinary seminars as well as a carefully structured series of workshops in which they will explore the self and the emotional consciousness as related to space and the process of making. By doing this, students will investigate the unitary experience of "wholeness/beauty/life" along the scientific avenue traced by Christopher Alexander.

The pedagogic model is integrated by procedures of "authentic assessment" focused on the students' performance.

Art. 3 - Subject areas.

The program is structured in modules combined in learning units including taught lessons, seminars and experiential workshops.

Subject areas include:
- History and theory of architecture
- Drawing
- Urban morphology and morphometrics
- Art/movement and body/mind expression
- Ecology and botanics
- Elements of the physics of complex systems
- Elements of evolutionary biology
- Building production
- Architectural technology
- Urban and architectural design
- Urban sociology

Most of the learning will be undertaken through experiential workshops, including:
- Making and ornament of traditional carpets
- Diagnostics and restoration of masonry
- Production and decoration of metal and ceramics
- Experimental Archaeology: philological reconstruction of historical buildings' components
- Design and refurbishment of the Camellias Courtyard in the Suor Orsola Benincasa monastery
- Art-movement and body/mind expression
- Food cultivation and preparation
- Interdepartmental Centre of Institutional Design and Research "Scienza Nuova"

Art. 4 - Teaching activities

The program runs for one year in the academic session of 2017/2018, starting in November 2017.

It implies a total of 1,500 hours of studies, offering 60 University Credits (ECTS) in total, including lessons, seminars, workshops, Summer School, thesis and autonomous individual study.

Before the start of the course, the complete calendar of studies will be disclosed on and, including all the activities to be undertaken in the program and an indication of the study breaks and vacation periods.

All teaching activities of the regular semester will take place in the facilities of the University Suor Orsola Benincasa.

The Summer School will take place in a different location in collaboration with other academic/research Institutions. The location will be disclosed well in advance, and in any case before the end of the first semester.

Attendance is compulsory and essential for the appropriate learning process.

Students with absences equal or superior to the 20% of the total amount of learning hours established in the study calendar will be excluded from the final exam.

Art. 5 - Teaching staff

The teaching activities are delivered both by members of the Scientific Board and by other highly qualified international academics and professionals in collaboration with UniSOB's teaching, research and workshops structures.

The provisional list of teaching staff's members is displayed at

Art. 6 - Conditions for the activation of the program

Condition for the activation of the program is the achievement of 10 registered students. Should the number of registered students be lower than the minimum required to cover the balance costs, the University Suor Orsola Benincasa may decide to not activate the program and return all payments already delivered.

The program is capped to a maximum number of 15 registered students.

Should the number of applicants exceed 15, a shortlisting procedure will be activated according to the following evaluation criteria:
1) Final graduation mark:
- Mark lower than 100/110: 2 points
- Mark = 100/110: 3 points
- Mark between 101 and 103/110: 4 points
- Mark between 104 and 106/110: 5 points
- Mark between 107 and 108/110: 6 points
- Mark between 109 and 110/110: 7 points
- Mark = 110/110 cum laude: 8 points
2) Certificates for specialization courses and University Masters: up to2 points max.
3) other titles: up to 1 point max.; degree of (certified) knowledge of English language (threshold for admission: B2): up to 2 points max.;
4) Motivational colloquium: up to 10 points max.

In cases of equal points, the offer will be made to the youngest applicant. In case of withdrawal of a selected applicant, the offer will be made to the next in ranking.

Art. 7 - Application for admission

The application, sent to the Magnifico Rettore dell'Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa, must arrive to this destination no later than October 30, 2017.

In the admission application, which can be filed in only through the online procedure, the applicant will be asked to declare:
- name, surname, place and date of birth, citizenship, fiscal code (National Insurance/SSN), study qualification and study qualification mark;
- personal address and email;
- if belonging to an ALSOB association, such membership would qualify for fee reduction.

Applications not compliant with these requirements will not be considered.

Please notice that the online application procedure can be considered appropriately concluded only when the system releases a .pdf copy of the application form carrying the protocol number.

Should any content within the application be declared false information relevant to the registration, above and beyond the penal sanctions according to the Art. 76 of DPR n. 445, 28/1/2000, the applicant will automatically lose the right to register.

The list of admitted applicants will be published on and No communication will be personally delivered to the applicants. All communication published on holds value of legal notification to applicants.

Attendance to the program is incompatible with the registration to other PhD programs or indeed any other program awarding University Credits in Italy or abroad, no matter the organizing entity.

Art. 8 - Examining Panel

The Examining Panel is nominated with rectoral decree; once the applicant's possession of admission requirements are verified, the Panel will publish the list of admitted applicants on ("post-graduate" section) and No personal communication will be undertaken with applicants; information relevant to the program (list of admitted, deadlines, teaching calendar) will be exclusively published on All communication published on holds value of legal notification to applicants.

Art. 9 - Fees and taxes

Within seven days after the date of publication of the list of the admitted applicants or the ranking by merit, the applicants must finalize the registration by paying the first installment of the fees.

Such deadline expired, in case of ranking by merit applicants listed in the ranking list will be checked against the payment of the first installment of the fees, and those whose payment will be still outstanding will lose their right to register.

The registration fees are established as follows:
- € 10.000,00 (+ € 140,00 regional tax) for Italian Citizens and/or UE/UK
- € 16.300,00 (+ € 140,00 regional tax) for extra-UE citizens

The registration fees are paid in four installments according to modes which will be disclosed in the list of admitted applicants or the ranking by merit list.

Installments structure and deadlines are as follows:

Italian and/or UE/UK citizens:
- 1st payment: € 3.140,00 (€ 3.000,00 + € 140,00 regional tax) at registration.
- 2nd payment: € 2.500,00 in December 2017.
- 3rd payment: € 2.500,00 in February 2018.
- 4th payment: € 2.000,00 in March 2018.

Extra-UE citizens:
- 1st payment: € 5.140,00 (€ 5.000,00 + € 140,00 regional tax) at registration.
- 2nd payment: € 4.000,00 before the end of December 2017.
- 3rd payment: € 4.000,00 before the end of February 2018.
- 4th payment: € 3.300,00 before the end of March 2018.

In case the deadline falls in a non-working day, the payment shall be delivered on the first working day thereafter.

For those who have been ALSOB (Association of Suor Orsola Benicasa Graduates) members for at least two consecutive years there is a reduction of 10% of the entire fee amount, to be deducted from the last payment.

Missing the payment of the fees causes the immediate cessation of the educational service until the payment position is fixed. A further arrear fee of € 50,00 will be charged for each payment that is missed at the date of the aforementioned deadlines.

Art. 10 - Withdrawal from studies

The student who intends not to use the rights deriving from the registration can withdraw from studies. Withdrawal from studies must be undertaken by connecting to and submitting an application to the Rector. The withdrawal will be finalized with the payment of € 116,00 to cover administrative sanction and tax. The withdrawal will be operative after the Student's Business Secretary has finalized the administrative verification of the course of studies successfully completed. The withdrawal is irreversible. In case of further registration to this or other programs of this University or of another University, benefits related to taxes, exams or shortening of courses referred to the previous legal position could not be claimed.

Art. 11 - Suspension of studies

The registered student who intends to suspend her/his course of studies must submit an application to the Student's Business Secretary, along with documentation supporting the reasons and causes that justify the request.

Such application can only be submitted on the following grounds:
a) To progress to studies at: Universities abroad, Italian military educational institutes, Doctoral studies, first and second level University Masters, Specialization Schools.
b) Registration to other types of programs, in case these are incompatible with this Master
c) Maternity leave
d) Severe and long-lasting illness (to be certified with medical evidence).

The student on suspension is not expected to pay the fees during the suspension period; shall not undertake exams nor any other action related to the advancement of her/his course of studies. The suspension period is not taken into consideration for career progression or the computation of forfeiture.

The student who is recognized as suspended after the payment of the first installment of the registration fees will not be reimbursed such first installment, nor holds the right to use it to register for a successive edition of the program or indeed any other program.

The application for suspension can be submitted only once over the whole University career.

Art. 12 - Final exam

At the end of the program, students complying with the formal and substantive aspects of the program (fees, documentation, attendance, interim assignments) will sustain a final exam; they will be asked to illustrate to a Panel, nominated by the Rector, one of the artifacts/objects/components built during the course of studies that is relevant to the issues dealt with in the program.

Students who hold a University Bachelor title or superior and have successfully sustained the exam will be awarded the title of First Level University Master in "Building Beauty. Ecologic Design and Building Process", along with 60 University Credits (ECTS).

Students who do not hold the University Bachelor title or superior and have successfully completed the exam will be awarded the title of Professional Development and Specialization Program in "Building Beauty. Ecologic Design and Building Process" according to the Art. 6, Act 341, 19/11/1990, along with 60 University Credits (ECTS).

Art. 13 - Access to documentation and the Responsible Officer

1. The applicants are guaranteed the right to access to the documents relative to the selection procedure, according to the current legislation. This right can be exercised in compliance with the current University regulation.
2. With reference to the Act 7/8/1990, n. 241 and successive modifications and integrations, Responsible Officer for this announcement is:
Dott. Vincenzo Sica
E-mail: dott. Vincenzo Sica - Segreteria Studenti
PEC: Segreteria Studenti
Tel. fax

The instructions in this announcement are to guarantee transparency in all phases of the process; criteria and procedures for the nomination of the Board and the Responsible Officer are in accordance with Act 7/8/1990, n. 241 and all successive modifications and integrations of that act.

Art. 14 - Privacy Terms: Treatment of personal data

1. With reference to Art 13 DL n.196 30/6/2003, personal data given by the applicants are stored at the University, homed in via Suor Orsola 10 - 80135 Napoli.
2. Handling of such data will only be undertaken for the purposes of this announcement.
3. The communication of personal data is mandatory for the assessment of the requisites for the application to the program, failing which the applicant will be excluded.
4. The personal data communicated by the applicants may be transmitted by the University to the Ministry for the Ministry's own institutional purposes.
Applicants are recognized to retain the rights expressed in the Art 7 DL n.196 30/6/2003, in particular the right to access their own data, the right of having this data updated or cancelled if incorrect or if collected in ways not compliant with the law, and the right, for legitimate reasons, to oppose access to this data. Such rights can be exercised upon the University offices at via Suor Orsola 10 - 80135 Napoli, which is in charge of the data handling.

Art. 15 - Publicizing of the documents

This announcement and all the documents linked to it will be publicized exclusively through the Institutional website and the Albo Ufficiale dell'Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa di Napoli. The publication on the Albo Ufficiale di Ateneo holds value of official notification in all respects and no personal communications will be sent to interested individuals.

Art. 16 - Deferment

For anything not expressively mentioned in this announcement we refer to current regulations.

Naples, 17/10/2017

The Rector
Prof. Lucio d'Alessandro

Further administrative information:
Centro Lifelong Learning di Ateneo
tel. 081.2522348 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 12:00) e-mail

Further academic information:
Sergio Porta: e-mail
Antonio Caperna: e-mail

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