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Bachelor's degree program in Communication Studies

a.y. 2023/24

Programme Description

The undergraduate course in Communication Science aims to train high-level professionals able to manage the communicative process with particular emphasis on the organizational and managerial components, and the acquisition of analytical and elaborative skills when dealing with texts and other products pertaining to the cultural industry.

Throughout the first year, students attend common core courses which enables them to familiarize with the general aspects of communication from a sociological, anthropological, semiotic, psychological, economic and legal point of view. At this stage, students will also be able to improve their knowledge of English.

In the second year, the degree course is split into three separate curricula:
- The curriculum in Institutional and Business Communication specifically aims to prepare high-level professionals able to analyse market requirements and draw up appropriate marketing and communication policies.
- The curriculum in Media and Culture which prepares professional figures able to work in the field of cultural production with particular emphasis on the development of specific competences for the analysis of journalistic texts.
- The curriculum in Cinema and Television which prepares professional figures able to analyse the language, images and narrative models pertaining to the world of cinema and television.

Degree Programme

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