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Social Anthropology
Corso di Laurea in Scienze dell'Educazione
CFU: 6
Docente: Italo Pardo
Anno Accademico 2013/2014


This Course in Social Anthropology will focus on anthropological research in the city with specific reference to key issues of legitimacy and the Law.

This course will address the state of the art in the field of anthropological research in the city and the ways in which it continues to be renewed, looking at the contribution that empirically-based analysis can make to our understanding of our increasingly urban world. With half of humanity already living in towns and cities and that proportion expected to increase in the coming decades, society - both Western and non-Western - is fast becoming urban and even mega-urban. As such, research in urban settings is evidently timely and of great importance. This course will address the complex methodological and theoretical challenges posed by field-research in urban settings, clearly identifying the continuing vitality of anthropological methods in an urbanized world. Field research in anthropology is an Ĺart of the possibleĺ, and in cities there are many possibilities. Looking comparatively at wide-ranging ethnographic research, throughout the course I will examine the significance of the anthropological paradigm in urban research with specific reference to issues of legitimacy and the Law, and its centrality both to mainstream academic debates and to society more broadly. Current literature, particularly on Naples and South Italy, brings out the range of novel analytical and theoretical insights that anthropological research in the city. More precisely, the course will bring out the unique contribution ethnography offers for a better theoretical as well as practical grasp of our rapidly changing and increasingly complex cities.

Recommended readings:

1. I.Pardo & G. B. Prato (2013) - Introduction: The Contemporary Significance of Anthropology in the City. In Anthropology in the City: Methodology and Theory. Farnham: Ashgate. Available at: http://www.ashgate.com/pdf/SamplePages/Anthropology_in_the_City_Intro.pdf

2. G. B. Prato (2013) - Anthropological research in Brindisi and DurrŰs: Methodological Reflections. In Anthropology in the City: Methodology and Theory. Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 79-100.

3. I.Pardo and G. B. Prato (2012 - Introduction: Disconnected Governance and the Crisis of Legitimacy. In Citizenship and the Lergitimacy of Governance: Anthropology in the Mediterranean Region. Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 1-23. Available at: http://www.ashgate.com/pdf/SamplePages/Citizenship_and_the_Legitimacy_of_Governance_Intro.pdf

4. J. Krase (2012) An Argument for Seeing in Urban Social Science Urbanities 1 (2): pp. 18-29. Available at: www.anthrojournal-urbanities.com

5. I.Pardo (1996). Managing Existence in Naples: Morality, Action and Structure. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Particularly the Introduction.


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