Department of
Education, Psychology and Communication

Single-cycle master's degree program in
Primary Teacher Education

a.y. 2020/21

Degree Programme

Year I
SDS Formative activities CFU
M-PED/03 General Didactics 8
MAT/04 Fundamentals of mathematics for basic training 1 6
L-ANT/02 Outlines of Ancient History 8
M-PED/02 Children's Literaure 8
M-EDF/02 Methodology and didactics for motor and sport activities 8
M-PED/01 General Pedagogy (A-L/M-Z) 8
M-PSI/04 Psychology of Development 8
M-PED/02 History of Pedagogy and of the Educational Institutions 8
M-PED/01 Workshop: Pedagogical Area (A-L/M-Z) 1
M-EDF/02 Workshop: Didactics of Movement 1
English Language Laboratory Level I 2
Year I Total CFU 66
Year II
SDS Formative activities CFU
MAT/04 Fundamentals of mathematics for basic training 2 6
M-GGR/02 Geography 8
SPS/08 Sociology of Education and Family 8
L-FIL-LET/12 Italian Language and Grammar 12
M-PED/04 Methodology of the Pedagogical research 6
M-STO/02 History of Mediterranean Europe 8
M-PED/03 Didactics Area - Laboratory Activity 4
L-FIL-LET/12 Workshop activities: Italian linguistics 1
M-GGR/02 Geography Workshop 1
M-PED/02 Children's Literature Workshop 1
English Language Laboratory Level II 2
Internship 4
Year II Total CFU 61
Year III
SDS Formative activities CFU
MAT/04 Didactics of Mathematics (A-L/M-Z) 8
IUS/10 School legislation 4
L-FIL-LET/10 Italian Literature 12
M-PED/03 Pedagogy of Deviance 6
M-PED/03 Technologies of Education and Learning (DM Teaching Technologies) 6
M-PED/04 Theories and methods for school planning and evaluation 6
MAT/04 Workshop activities - Teaching Maths Area 1 2
L-FIL-LET/11 Italian Literature Workshop Area 1
M-PED/04 Workshop activities: school planning and evaluation 1
English Language Laboratory Level III 2
Internship 5
Credits at students' choice 8
Year III Total CFU 61
Year IV
SDS Formative activities CFU
ICAR/17 Visual arts and drawing techniques 8
CHIM/03 Elements of chemistry 4
FIS/01 Elements of Physics 8
BIO/01 Elements of natural sciences 12
L-ART/07 Musical education and the history of music 8
M-PED/01 Social Pedagogy 8
BIO/01 Workshop activities: biology 1
FIS/01 Workshop activities: physics 1
L-ART/07 Workshop: musical education 1
English Language Laboratory Level IV 2
Internship 7
Year IV Total CFU 60
Year V
SDS Formative activities CFU
MED/39 Child neuropsychiatry 8
M-PED/03 Disability pedagogy 8
M-PSI/04 Techniques for the observation of child behaviour 8
ICAR/17 Calligraphy Workshop 1
M-PSI/04 Techniques for the observation of child behaviour 1
M-PED/03 Workshop activities: disability pedagogy 2
Workshop activities: technologies for education 1 3
English Language Laboratory Level V 2
English Language Certification (B2) 2
Internship 8
Final Dissertation 9
Year V Total CFU 52

Note: the assessment of the activities in italics are not expressed as marks on a point scale of 30, but as pass/fail, or by scaled evaluative remarks ('excellent', 'extremely good', 'distinctive/very good', 'good', 'fair', 'sufficient').

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