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Single-cycle master's degree program in
Primary Teacher Education

a.y. 2023/24

Programme Description

The Bachelor's degree program in Primary Teacher Education fits perfectly within the Athenaeum pedagogical tradition which formed, in 1885, the Teaching Faculty (thereafter, in 1901, recognised officially at a par with the Faculties of Rome and Florence) and which, since then, has been training generations of teachers and educators.

The Bachelor's degree program in Primary Teacher Education, treasuring its experience, meets the difficult challenges that nowadays our complex society impose on school, organising didactic paths sensitive to the most recent acquisitions arising from the national and International pedagogical debate; thus establishing a dialectic exchange between Didactics and Research.

Students are supported by Guidance and Tutoring Services made available by the Department; a constantly updated WebSite is available and it is particularly functional to the organisation of Didactics.

In addition to that, Laboratories, Self Study rooms, IT Tools, a Distribution Centre of Educational Material, Libraries, Video Libraries and Museums are also available.

The didactic offer is wider thanks to the several cultural events (Conferences, Seminars, Study Days, Round Tables, Book Presentations, etc.) organised by the Athenaeum.

On site, it is also guaranteed a series of services for students with disabilities, in the frame work of the SAAD (USDS - University Student Disability Service).

The Course of Study makes use of a monitoring service of the direct and indirect internship activities which is divided up by each year according to a progressively increasing number of credits. The direct internship is carried out in public and private nursery and primary schools which have a special agreement with the Athenaeum; whereas, the indirect internship foresees small group analysis and consideration activities concerning the experience at school, with the supervision of tutors.

At the end of the study path the graduates in Primary Teacher Education achieve their Teaching Qualification for Nursery and Primary Schools, as well as they can be educators n the public educational institutions. Their introduction in working life depends on the policies established by the Ministry of Education (MUR).

Degree Programme

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