Department of
Education, Psychology and Communication

Social Work Sciences Degree Course

a.y. 2015/16

Degree Programme

Year I
SDS Formative activities CFU Professors
M-FIL/03 Social Ethics 6 Fabio Marino
IUS/09 Public Law and Regional law 6 Antonio Vitale
Giuseppe D'Angelo
L-LIN/12 English Language 9 Emilia Di Martino
SPS/07 Social Work Methodology and Technique 9 Bonaria Autunno
M-PSI/01 General Psychology 6 Laura Clarizia
SPS/07 General Sociology and Social Politics 12 Bianca Maria Farina
SPS/12 Legal Sociology and Sociology of Deviance 12 Lucio d'Alessandro
Ciro Tarantino
Traineeship start 3 Romina Viscusi
Year I Total CFU 63
Year II
SDS Formative activities CFU Professors
INF/01 ICT for Social Work Sciences 9 Gennaro Petraglia
Luca Spagnulo
SPS/07 Social Research Methods and Techniques 9 Alberto Acocella
SPS/07 Social Work Organisation 9 Salvatore Gargiulo
M-PED/01 General Pedagogy 6 Fabrizio Chello
SPS/07 Social Work Principles and Foundations 9 Mario Narni Mancinelli
2 Exams to be selected from among:
IUS/10 Administrative Law 6 Carlo Saltelli
IUS/14 European Union Law 6 Giuseppe Antonio Papaleo
IUS/17 Criminal Law 6 Gianluca Gentile
Internship 6
Year II Total CFU 60
Year III
SDS Formative activities CFU Professors
MED/42 General and Applied Hygiene 6 Francesco Orio
M-PSI/04 Developmental Psychology 9 Maria Antonietta Lucariello
M-PSI/05 Social Psychology 9 Luciana Iosca
SECS-S/05 Social Statistics 6 Giovanni De Luca
Credits to be selected by the students 12
Internship 9
Final Exam 6
Year III Total CFU 57
Credits to be selected by the students and recommended by the University
SDS Formative activities CFU Professors
IUS/16 Prison Law 6 Salvatore Acerra
IUS/19 History of the Public Administration 6 Francesco Fasolino
SPS/02 Politics and Education 6 Francesca Russo

N.B.: activities in italic do not provide for an evaluation scale out of 30.

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