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Social Work Sciences Degree Course

a.y. 2015/16

Programme Description

The formative path of the Social Work Sciences Degree Course is divided into three years and organised as follows:
- during the first year seven basic compulsory subjects are provided: English Language, three subjects concerning the Sociological Area and the Social Work Sciences Area (Social Work Methodologies and Techniques, General Sociology and Social Policy, Legal Sociology and Sociology of Deviance), one subject concerning the Psychopedagogic Area (General Psychology), one subject concerning the Legal Area (Public and Regional Law) and one subject concerning the Ethical-Economical Area (Social Ethics);
- during the second year, in addition to the five basic compulsory subjects (ICT for Social Work Sciences, General Pedagogy, Social Research Methods and Techniques, Social Work Organisation, Social Work Principles and Foundations) the students can choose two teachings from among those concerning the Law Area (Private Law, Administrative Law, European Union Law, Public Comparative Law, Criminal Law). Moreover, a 6 CFU internship is provided;
- during the third year the exam in General and Applied Hygiene is compulsory; two teachings are provided, choosing from among those concerning the Psycho-pedagogic Area (Psychology of Organisations, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology) and one optional subject to be selected from among the Ethical-Economical and Statistics Areas (Principles of Economics, Social Statistics). The students can broden, through their selected teachings, their know-how concerning the Legal Area (Prison Law, History of the Public Administration, Social Legislation) or the Sociologic and Statistic Area (Criminal Sociology, Sociology and Analysis of Mass Phenomena). In addition to these teachings, 12 CFU internship activities are provided.

In order to upgrade the knowledge of the welfare systems and of the social benefit supply procedures, according to the fairness principle, the Course offers the students the opportunity to carry out further activities concerning the vocational training, along with the above mentioned external curricular training internships. These activities provide for the students' attendance to educational laboratories on internship Guidance, regular seminars aiming at brodening the demand decoding system and the activation of the services on the network, the students' attendance to the Italy-Germany International Forum concerning the Mezzogiorno social policies. The planning of those further formative activities provides for the students' opportunity to take part in an internship (70 hours) at the University, at the Guidance Office, the Library in Salerno and the Tutoring Office (the Internship assigns an extra grade in addition to the final degree exam grade).

Degree Programme

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