Department of
Education, Psychology and Communication

Master's degree program in
Pedagogical Guidance

a.y. 2020/21

Programme Description

The degree course provides an advanced theoretical, methodological and practical preparation in the fields of the pedagogical sciences, adult education and continuing education through the use of innovative teaching modules and targeted workshop and internship activities.

The structure of the study path takes into account the activities with which the Pedagogist deals in the practice of their professional activity: the planning and management of pedagogical actions aimed at individual subjects; design, planning, scheduling, organization, coordination, management, monitoring and evaluation of educational services and activities; consultancy, supervision and auditing of the pedagogical quality of public and private education and of training services and systems.

The interclass degree course includes a first year consisting of a wide range of Course credits in the sectors that represent for both classes the essential theoretical and methodological foundations, followed by a second year of specialized and practical study.

Upon enrollment the student is required to choose the Class within which they intend to obtain the degree, with the possibility of changing their choice in the second year, thus deciding whether to aim at developing knowledge and skills in the field of Pedagogical consultancy in educational services and continuing education (obtaining the degree in Adult Education and Continuing Education) or whether to aim at developing knowledge and skills in the field of Pedagogical counseling in school contexts (earning the degree in Pedagogical Sciences while also acquiring simultaneously the credits required for participation in the Italian FIT (Initial Training Scheme) competitions to be able to teach History, Philosophy and Humanities in schools).

Degree Programme

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