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Pedagogy and lifelong learning: school, community, territory Degree Course

a.y. 2017/18

Programme Description

The Degree Course provides for an advanced theoretical, methodological and practical competence in the fields of the pedagogical sciences, adults education in the fields of the pedagogical sciences, adults education and lifelong learning through innovative didactic modules and targeted laboratory activities and internships.

The structure of the study path takes into account the activities the Pedagogist are involved in during his/her professional practice: planning and management of pedagogical interventions on behalf of individuals; planning, programming, organisation, coordination, management, monitoring and assessment of the educational services and activities; pedagogical quality advisory, supervisory and audit of the services and of the education and training public and private systems.

The Interclass Degree Course provides for a first common year, made up of a wide range of CFU in the fields representing for both the classes the unavoidable theoretical and methodological foundations; and a second year, focusing on practical and specialistic in-depth studies.

The student must choose, when enrolling, the class he/she wants to be in and the qualification he/she wants to achieve with the opportunity to change his/her mind at the second year, thus deciding if aiming for teaching (that is, the main outlet of the Course in Training and Human Sciences for Education, waiting for the new and not yet instituted Bachelor's Degree in Teaching) or working for the pedagogical consulting and for the planning and the coordination of the educational services, also for the lifelong learning, achieving a Degree in Pedagogical Sciences.

During the study path an advanced English Language teaching and a teaching held in English in the area M-PED/03 are provided for.

Degree Programme

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