Department of
Education, Psychology and Communication

Master's degree program in
Business and Public Communication

a.y. 2019/20

Degree Programme

Year I
SDS Formative activities CFU Professors
SECS-P/07 Financial Analysis and Management Control System 9 Antonio Ricciardi
SPS/08 Branding, corporate identity e lobbying 6 Andrea Delogu
IUS/10 Public Administration Laws 6 Carla Acocella
L-LIN/12 English for Business and Communication 9 Stefania Tondo
ICAR/13 Interaction Design 6 Roberto Montanari
SPS/12 Society of Economics 6 Sergio Marotta
SECS-P/08 Strategy and Business Communication 9 Alessandra Storlazzi
SPS/08 Theories and Techniques of Advertising Communication 6 Davide Borrelli
1 Laboratory to be selected from among
IUS/10 Open Gouvernment and Performance Assessment 3 Elisabetta Morlino
SPS/07 Representation, lobbying and pressure groups 3 Serena Sileoni
ING-INF/05 Data Processing Workshop 3 Roberta Presta
Year I Total CFU 60
Year II
SDS Formative activities CFU
IUS/04 Business Law 6
ING-INF/03 Social media analysis 9
SECS-P/08 Theory and Techniques of Market Analysis 9
Credits at students' choice 9
Internship 11
Final Exam 16
Year II Total CFU 60

Note: the assessment of the activities in italics are not expressed as marks on a point scale of 30, but as pass/fail, or by scaled evaluative remarks ('excellent', 'extremely good', 'distinctive/very good', 'good', 'fair', 'sufficient').

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