Department of
Education, Psychology and Communication

Master's degree program in
Business and Public Communication

a.y. 2022/23

Programme Description

The Degree Course formative activities aim at grouping in a single curricular path the students' aptitude to acquire the necessary abilities to manage the communication both in the public institutional sector and in the private one, in order to make them consciously and autonomously capable of facing the innovative communication techniques and the cutting-edge technological tools.

In addition to promoting the advanced use of English as relevant to the world of communication, the course is divided into basic courses aimed at the acquisition of communication and managerial skills in relation to marketing, human resources management, and new media, as well as providing critical in-depth analysis of the theories and techniques of corporate communication, the analysis and interpretation of data, pursued also through workshop and internship activities specifically designed to facilitate the learning of public and business communication theories and techniques, in order to ease entry into the labour market.

Through the elective credits, the students will have the opportunity to plan a taylor-made training; thus increasing, through a huge range of laboratories held by high-level professionals, their ability to develop and have at their disposal new communication formats that constitute today the new scenery of the modern communication nets. Thus, it is possible to deepen, through a unique formative path, particular aspects, thanks to the students' opportunity to choose the sectors they're much more interested in, with the possibility of modifying their curriculum. There are further credits for internships and apprenticeships in companies and institutions in Italy.

Degree Programme

Laurea magistrale in Scienze della formazione primaria

Punto bonus per la frequenza al corso Laboratorio artistico per la realizzazione di oggetti in cartapesta


Bando per l'ammissione al master di II livello in Pedagogia clinica (a.a. 2022/23)

Corso di Laurea in Scienze e tecniche di psicologia cognitiva
Laurea magistrale in Comunicazione pubblica e d'impresa
Laurea magistrale in Scienze dello spettacolo e dei media. Linguaggi, Interpretazione e Visioni del Reale (LIVRe)

Elezioni del rappresentante degli studenti in Commissione Paritetica Docenti Studenti

Corso di Laurea in Scienze della comunicazione
Corso di Laurea in Scienze e tecniche di psicologia cognitiva

Bando di ammissione ai Corsi di Studio in Economia aziendale e Green Economy, Giurisprudenza, Scienze della comunicazione, Scienze e tecniche di psicologia cognitiva (a.a. 2023/24)

Laurea magistrale in Scienze della formazione primaria

Tirocinio per studenti che hanno ottenuto il passaggio

Laurea magistrale in Scienze della formazione primaria

Avvio tirocinio - studenti del I anno che hanno avuto il passaggio al II


Valutazione allegato D - calendario colloqui

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