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Observatory of European Private Law

The Observatory on the process of unification of private law in Europe, created in December 2012, is one of the expressions of the research conducted by the group of researchers headed by the Neapolitan Section of the Academy of European Private Lawyers, coordinated by Professor Lucilla Gatt.

The Observatory aims, firstly, to disseminate, in a systematic framework, the results of the legislation and normative production and scientific activity in the field of standardization of private law at European level. To this end, the Observatory will publish online and in open access version of the main legislation and case law as well as the most important studies on the subject; also it undertakes to publicize the training events organized on the subject as well as to disclose all related information.

Second, the Observatory, through the analysis and implementation of studies published documents, implements a constant monitoring on the evolution and on possible developments of application of European private law, specifically with regard to contract law.

The Observatory is the first stage of a research aimed at creating one or more instruments of dialogue and effective comparison between academia and national and European legislators on the issues of the standardization of private law.

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EU Digital Single Market

Common European Sale Law (CESL)


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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Laurea magistrale in Giurisprudenza

Ciclo di seminari di approfondimento in Diritto amministrativo

Laurea magistrale in Giurisprudenza

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Laurea magistrale in Giurisprudenza

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Calendario delle sedute di laurea - aprile 2021


9-26 aprile 2021
Laboratorio di scrittura giuridica per il percorso di preparazione alla magistratura

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