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Bachelor's degree program in Sciences for Cultural Heritage. Tourism, Art, Archaeology

a.y. 2022/23

Programme Description

The aim of the course is to provide students with a strong grounding in the humanities, with a particular focus on history and the development of artistic, technical and scientific competences in the fields pertaining to cultural heritage, specifically archaeology, the historical-artistic ambit and cultural tourism.

Considerable importance is granted to the knowledge of, and ability to master, all the legal, economic and institutional aspects relating to the administration, management and enhancement of cultural heritage. Students are also provided with a solid grounding in artistic techniques, and an ability to perform competently when dealing with the conservation, restoration and positive exploitation of the cultural patrimony.

A further objective of the degree course is to enable students to develop and consolidate a strong sense of critical awareness and cultural identity through close study of the relevant territory and its heritage using the most suitable paper or electronic bibliographic tools. The direct involvement of the students in problems concerning the safeguard and enhancement of the artistic, architectural, archaeological and environmental patrimony of Italy, and in particular of the southern regions, means that teaching often takes place outside the classroom, and direct contact with monuments, works of art and museum settings is strongly favoured. The university workshops, the excavation sites and the apprenticeships carried out with organizations and institutions responsible for the safeguard of cultural heritage (offices and workshops of the superintendence, museum structures, companies, associations, local bodies, etc.) further enhance this practical approach.

Of the three curricula, Tourism specifically offers students the opportunity to acquire competences in the field of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, enabling them to design and manage valorisation projects through the use of new technologies. The course aims to produce highly qualified operators in the field of the communication and promotion of cultural tourism.

Across all three curricula, students are also expected to acquire a grounded knowledge of one or two European languages, besides Italian, and of the main computer programs employed when cataloguing and valorising the cultural patrimony. A good knowledge of the new technologies applied to the field of communication, museum design, marketing, diagnostics and preservation of cultural heritage is also required.

The course lays the training foundations for future curators, functionaries, art historians, archaeologists, tourist guides, tour leaders and persons able to plan and design touristic and cultural itineraries. Graduates will also possess a grounded knowledge of all the aspects which pertain to the designing, planning and organizing of exhibitions and artistic or cultural events, both for state and local cultural heritage administrations, and for companies, consortiums, firms, cooperatives and associations which look after the management, safeguard, preservation and positive exploitation of the cultural patrimony through activities such as cataloguing, publishing, restoring or organizing cultural tourism activities etc.

Upon completion of their undergraduate studies, and in order to obtain the further academic qualifications required to pursue, for example, a managerial career in the field of cultural heritage administration, students can enrol for the interclass, two-year second cycle degree in archaeology and history of art or for specialized master degrees. Following their second cycle degree, students can then gain access to the two schools of specialization in Archaeology and in History of Art, where entry is based on merit and only a restricted number of places are available.

All these postgraduate study alternatives are part of the Suor Orsola Benincasa educational offer.

Degree Programme

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