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Master's degree program in
Archaeology and History of Art

a.y. 2021/22

Programme Description

The interclass second cycle degree in Archaeology and History of Art (LM 2 + LM 89) was first established in the 2012-2013 academic year and merges two previous second cycle degrees, the former in Archaeology and Antique and Medieval Studies (LM 2) and the latter in History of Art (LM 89).

The degree course is designed to be both rational and flexible. The first year is common to all students and allows them to acquire knowledge and competences in both fields of study. In the second year students can decide whether to study for a degree in History of Art (LM 89) with the necessary grounding in modernistic and contemporary studies, or for a degree in Archaeology with the relative studies in antiquity.

Throughout the degree course, much emphasis is placed on workshop and/or archaeological site activities in order to provide students with the necessary practical competences pertaining to their study area and future career opportunities.

When designing the course format, attention was also placed on the possibility for students to acquire ECTS credits in those sectors which will allow them to participate in the public examinations for secondary school teaching.

The educational objectives, and the underlying course organization which guarantees that such objectives are reached, focus on ensuring that the acquired competences can be put to immediate professional use. The degree course has just become a member of the ALMA LAUREA network and this will allow its effectiveness and efficiency to be constantly monitored.

Degree Programme - Class LM-2 Archaeology
Degree Programme - Class LM-89 History of Art

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