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Master's degree program in
Digital Humanities. Cultural Heritage and Literature

a.y. 2023/24

Programme Description

The Master's degree programme in the LM-43 class entitled "Digital Humanities. Cultural Heritage and Literary Studies", represents a Higher Education programme which is spreading throughout Europe, under various labels such as Digital textualities, digital humanities, digital heritage. It intends to train experts in the use and development of innovative methods and communication modes for the Humanities, with specific reference to the historical-artistic-archaeological and linguistic-literary fields, such as: archeology, art history, museology, archival science, librarianship and linguistics.

The degree program, which is divided into 2 curricula (Cultural Heritage and Literary Studies), is aimed at preparing experts in the Humanities by studying and enhancing the various subjects with the help of ICT; it promotes the acquisition of knowledge and practical skills, from the creation of databases to the scanning, digitization and visualization of texts; from data mining to 3D renderings and to Historical GIS techniques.

The planned activities provide a Humanistic education to complete that of the three-year degree in two areas: the Archaeological / Historical-Artistic area on the one hand, and the Linguistic-Literary area, on the other, thus allowing for in-depth analysis, especially from a methodological perspective, on the potential relevant contribution and integration offered by Information-Digital Technology.

The curriculum is therefore also structured on the basis of students' previous three-year courses, and therefore on the basis of the skills already acquired and those which need to be completed over the course of the two-year period in view of the various employment opportunities, while also allowing access to the Schools of Higher Specialization (in Archaeological or Historical-Artistic Heritages) or in public competitions for the Teaching profession.

The course modules and workshops contribute to the achievement of the specific objectives of the course through participatory teaching (learning by doing) involving the application of new technologies to traditionally taught disciplinary subjects.

The graduate of the Degree Course will therefore be able to identify and use the most modern hardware and software tools to solve problems of digitization, enhancement, conservation and research, but also those with regard to the communication and teaching of cultural heritage (including textual heritage), and with respect to all the "objects" of the Humanities.

With regard to employment and professional opportunities, this LM-43 course entitled Digital Humanities, Cultural Heritage and Literary Studies aims at training a digital humanities professional who is able to manage and promote the digital transition currently affecting and engaging the Humanities, with particular reference to the literary and the historical-artistic-archaeological fields.

In more concrete terms, therefore, they will be able to operate as:
a) an Expert in digital management of cultural resources
b) a Digital animator in school and extracurricular settings
c) a Teacher of art history and literary subjects
d) a Promoter of digitalization processes

Degree Programme

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