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Cultural Tourism Planning and Management Degree Course

a.a. 2014/15

Degree Programme

Year I
SDS Formative activities CFU Professors
SECS-S/01 Statistical Analysis of the Tourist Phenomena 9 Fabrizio Antolini
SECS-P/03 Tourism Policies 6 Massimo Lo Cicero
L-FIL-LET/10 Travel Literature 9 Paola Villani
SECS-P/07 Management for tourism 9 Felice Marinelli
SPS/10 Sociology of Environment and Territory 9 Maria Antonietta La Torre
L-LIN/12 English for tourism 9 Bronwen Hughes
SECS-P/07 Economy of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage 6 Alessio D'Auria
Year I Total CFU 57
Year II
SDS Formative activities CFU
ING-INF/05 Internet and New Media 9
M-GGR/02 Economical Geography 6
SECS-P/10 Tourist Enterprises Organizations 9
ICAR/18 History of Architecture and Town 6
1 Exam to be selected from among:
L-LIN/14 German Culture of Grand Tour 9
L-LIN/04 French for Tourism 9
L-LIN/07 Spanish Language and Translation 9
1 Exam to be selected from among:
M-STO/04 Political and Economic History of the Italian Mezzogiorno 6
M-STO/01 Political and Economic History of the Mediterranean 6
1 Exam to be selected from among:
L-ART/04 Museology 6
L-ANT/07 Archaeological Itineraries in Campania 6
Exam at students' choice (check the list) 12
Year II Total CFU 63
Year III
SDS Formative activities CFU
IUS/14 Cultural Heritage European Law 6
SECS-P/08 Cultural Heritage Marketing 6
SECS-P/08 Economy and Management of the Tourist Enterprises 12
L-ART/02 Fundamentals of History of Art 9
M-DEA/01 Food and Wine Laboratories 9
Laboratories (check the list) or internships at students' choice 12
Final Test 6
Year III Total CFU 60
Recommended Exams at students' choice (Total 12 CFU, 6+6)
Formative activities CFU
Architecture and Art of the Islamic Mediterranean 6
Art and Territory 6
History of Environment and Landscape 6
Economy of the Arts 6
Ecology 6
Nature Itineraries 6
Laboratories at students' choice
Formative activities CFU
Tourism Enterprises Communication 4
Writings for Tourism 4
Digital Storytelling 4
Film Tourism 4
Historica-artistic Itineraries in Campania 4

N.B.: activities in italic do not provide for an evaluation scale out of 30.

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