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Office Manager Dr. Vincenzo Sica  e-mail

The Student Administration Office takes care of the administrative proceedings involving the student's career.

Why addressing the Student Administrative Office?

The Student Administrative Office deals with all the administrative activities concerning the regular student's career, such as:
- Enrollment in Degree Courses and Bachelor's Degree Programmes;
- Transfers to other internal course of study;
- Transfers from other Athaeneums;
- Transfer to other Athaeneums;
- Issuing the certificates and the duplicates;
- Check tuition fees;
- Application for graduation;
- Degree Diploma Release;
- Diploma supplement;
- Interruption of studies;
- Support to non-EU students residing abroad for: admission to a degree course, transfer from other Athaeneums and transfers to courses of study by students with a residence permit for study purposes, recognition of academic qualifications gained abroad;
- Check and / or monitoring of students' careers using IT tools, such as Identification Information Systems;
- Management of Administrative Practices for the School of Specialization.

Office Hours are available at Regulations Queue Management Section.

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