Service for disabled students and students with specific learning disabilities

About us

The Service for disabled students and students with specific learning disabilities (Italian acronym: SAAD) was first established in September 2002 in compliance with Law No. 17 of the 28th of January 1999 which amended and supplemented framework law No. 104/92. The law requires that Universities provide disabled students with a number of services such as specific technical and pedagogical aids, specialized tutor support and personalised exam arrangements (technical facilities and equivalent exams).

SAAD strives to promote and spread a culture of inclusion through a series of strategies and interventions which accompany students throughout their course of studies.

SAAD offers a highly qualified tutoring service which aims to promote equal opportunities and to create the necessary conditions to enhance student autonomy and guarantee active participation in all fields of university life.

SAAD informs, guides and supervises freshmen enrolments; it carries out the necessary procedures to ensure the smooth running of the course of studies; it organizes and coordinates the activities of the tutors responsible for student mobility and study support; it mediates between students and teaching staff and ensures that good relationships are established with the entire university community; it develops study projects and functional activities to foster social inclusion.

SAAD promotes a communicative network which, on the one hand, increases the awareness of teachers and students throughout the entire university and, on the other, facilitates meetings and exchanges amongst all students belonging to the service.

All support activities are constantly monitored and updated so as to always provide students with services tailored to their needs.

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