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Counseling Service for University Students

The University Suor Orsola Benincasa activated a Counseling Service.


Counseling is a brief psychological intervention aimed to handling crisis situations.

The service aims to offer support to students who are experiencing current psychological difficulty resulting in personal or relational discomfort in their study path.


The Counseling Service offers a series of 4 sessions.

The first session aims to explore the difficulties and evaluating the opportunities and the motivations to continue the cycle.

The focus of the intervention is on the specific situation that the student is experiencing.

The sessions take place by appointment and the timing is agreed with the student. Each meeting lasts 50 minutes.

The service is free and works in compliance with the privacy regulations. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.


The staff is composed by trained psychotherapists and and neuropsychiatrists who are experts in psychological problems of late adolescence and early adulthood.
Director: Prof. Antonella Gritti
Operators: Drs. Antonella Gritti, Gennaro Catone, Tiziana Salvati.


Via Suor Orsola, 10
Naples 80135

Opening times

Tuesday and Thursday by appointment

To book a meeting


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