Athenaeum Guidance and Tutoring Service

Exhibitions and Events

Guidance exhibitions and shows are a very important occasion to meet UNISOB, share perceptions with the SOT counselors, collect information material and ask questions about Courses of Study, application procedures, taxes, scholarships and other any services offered by the University.

Where practicable, professors and researchers fo the Athaeneum take part to conventions and debates, introducing the Courses of Study and aswering all the questions asked by the students.

From time to time, we'll update on this webpage the Shows Calendar the students shall attend to in order to better know the UNISOB world.

University Village - 3-5 October 2023 - piazza della Vittoria - Formia (Latina)
OrientaSud - Il Salone delle opportunità - 8-10 November 2023 - Mostra d'Oltremare (Fuorigrotta) - Napoli
UnivExpò - 15-17 November 2023 - Complesso universitario di Monte Sant'Angelo (Fuorigrotta) - Napoli
Futuro Remoto - 21-26 November 2023 - Città della Scienza - Napoli
Campus Napoli - Salone dello studente - 22-23 November 2023 - Museo ferroviario Pietrarsa, via Pietrarsa - Napoli
Campus Salerno - Salone dello studente - 7-8 March 2024 - Stazione Marittima, Via Molo Manfredi - Salerno
Campus Matera - Salone dello studente - 13-14 March 2024 - Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti e Museo Nazionale di Matera, piazza San Giovanni - Matera

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