Athenaeum Guidance and Tutoring Service

The University Orientation and Tutoring Office offers, through a person-oriented approach, tools useful in choosing the right degree based on each student's inclinations, competences and ambitions. The actions, strategies and projects which characterize the Office, in fact, foster the user in the processes of decisional autonomy and self-consciousness development, giving value to one's educational and professional choices.

In the light of a thorough analysis of the territorial reality and the educational requirements of young adults, the Office provides an agenda containing many activities involving the Secondary Schools in and out of the Campania region empowering the School/University/Territory relationship. In fact, between the months of September and May, the Office organizes informational ad educational meetings, Cooperative School-Work Experiences and Special Projects while participating in territorial fairs and events. Finally it offers year-round in-house personalized consultancies to those who request them.



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